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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

June 1, 2021

It’s hard to believe that today marks the beginning of my ninth month at the Museum. And what a great time it has been. When I started in October of last year, I prepared a five-year plan to establish some goals and objectives. Last week I looked over this document and was very pleased with what we have accomplished. Here are some highlights:

-We hired a curator of education, Vicki Lunell, who has been busy creating a fantastic virtual art camp with several courses and free art materials (which begins next week).

-Weelynd McMullan, who has been working part-time as an exhibits installer (preparator), is now a permanent employee.

-Julia Dion, a student at SFA, has been hired as an intern. As she continues to earn her degree, she will be gaining valuable, hands-on experience.

-Weelynd and Julia have been conducting an audit of our collections records and reorganizing the collections storage (and they are doing an amazing job).

-There is a new sign for the museum on Paul Street.

-Our new brochure has been distributed around local businesses (designed by Jessica Gryder, also an SFA student).

-Our galleries are open with exciting exhibitions curated from the permanent collection.

-The gift shop is open again.

-The new website has launched.

-Fundraising has started again for the new Henderson Education Building.

Looking ahead, Pumpkin Patch will be postponed one more year, however, Festival of the Trees is back this November! The guild decided to start small, so we will have fifty trees throughout the entire museum, which will also allow for artwork to remain on some of the walls.

Please come by and pay us a visit—we’ve missed you!

John Handley, PhD

Executive Director


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