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Selections from Collections in Main Gallery

To further enhance our Art Camp experience this summer, Museum staff carefully selected works from our permanent collections for our campers to see as examples and inspiration. The following pieces are on display in our main gallery for visitors and campers alike to enjoy throughout the summer months.

As you enter the gallery on the left, you'll see Donato "Don" Bernardo Localio's Untitle Diptych. This work is a gift from Lynn and Doug Smith. It was selected for the gallery because it's a great example of an abstract diptych and uses an unusual mixture of colors and shapes.

Tim Saska's Morning at Pine Island is a 48 x 60 acrylic on canvas and a wonderful example of a realistic landscape painting. This work is part of the Rotary Collection in the Museum's permanent collection. The Museum is grateful for the continued partnership with and support of the Rotary Club and is proud to show works by local artists year-round in our Rotary Gallery.

Jacob Drachler's Rose with Hemispheric Painting (Potato) is a large scale acrylic on canvas. Rose was selected as an example of portraiture and perspective and also to show how one artist can produce very different works (we have another Drachler on display in the gallery, as well). This work is part of the Museum's permanent collection.

Julio Quintanilla's Trigal is an acrylic and pastel on canvas and is a part of the Latane Temple Collection given to the Museum of East Texas. We selected this work for its vivid colors, mixed media, and use of common geometric shapes to create new designs.

Marjorie Shephard's Blue Lake an acrylic on canvas and a great example of an abstract landscape. The bold use of colors and shapes provide a stark contrast in approaching landscape paintings from those used in Tim Saska's Morning on Pine Island.

This color lithograph of Richard Haas Villard Courtyard, St. Patrick's Cathedral

is a great example of different architectural styles, perspective, and shading for our students to see in their architecture and drawing classes this summer.

Jacob Drachler is featured twice in our main gallery this summer, one with his large portrait work and then with Untitled, a large geometric acrylic on canvas. His masterful use of shading and color combinations work well for our painting classes and discussions of the color wheel. We also like that his two works are profoundly different, and show the breadth of his talent.

Six photographs by R.P. Washburne feature the beautiful pottery works of David Hendley from Old Farmhouse Pottery. Washburne created these photographs as part of the Museum of East Texas' exhibition of Hendley's works and we are proud to have them as part of our permanent collection.

We hope that you'll find time to come and see these works from our permanent collection as you visit us this summer and we look forward to the response of our students, as well.

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