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Updated: Apr 12

Jeffie Brewer presents Joy Machine at the MET

February 4 through April 9

Nacogdoches artist and sculptor Jeffie Brewer shares a variety of his recent works in Joy Machine. The exhibit begins outside the Museum with his 118"x44"x36" modern bunny displayed outside of our entry. Once you walk through our doors, you'll be greeted socks in the entry. The Discoverroom is filled with 15 paintings and 12 sculptures of various sizes that elicit joy in all of our viewers. Jeffie's playful approach to sculpture and painting has gained worldwide attention, and he has shown his works across North American and in Mexico and Japan. For more information about this artist, please visit We know you'll be captived by his vivid colors and lighthearted approach to sculpture and canvas.

Artist's Bio: "Jeffie Brewer grew up in a small, rural town in East Texas. The son of eccentric junk yard owners, he learned to spot beauty in the mundane, developed an array of industrial skills and discovered he had a knack for drawing. Those early revelations have influenced his artistic trajectory ever since.


Jeffie earned an MFA in sculpture and metals and an MA in sculpture and painting. He also holds a BFA in drawing, printmaking and jewelry making. He taught a wide range of undergraduate and graduate level art classes from 1998-2019, from sculpture to typography to expressive drawing.


Since his first exhibition in 1998, his work has appeared in both solo and group shows across North America and in Mexico and Japan.


In addition to his academic career, Jeff has utilized his artistic talents as an illustrator and designer for an advertising firm (Point A Media, 1999-present) and as the founder and president of a design and fabrication company (Orange Cat, Inc., 2002-present). He also designed, fabricated and built his own home in 2006.


Jeffie is married to the love of his life, Angie, whom he credits with saving him from impending doom. His interests include teaching, golf, dogs, plants, the letter z, singularity, a ten foot putt, fresh figs, harmony, understanding, tulips, the tango, long runs, cut grass, the color teal, clouds, rust stains on concrete, clouds, small violent birds, the realization of exactly how fast time goes by, the number 7, politricks, cows, short walks, good stories, using the word "sans" and lying in the sun."

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