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George Fidone presents Epiphany at the MET

February 4 through April 21

In 2019, George Fidone picked up a paintbrush and put it to canvas for the first time in his adult life. After a lifelong career as a beloved pediatrician in Lufkin, he didn't expect to unlock an inner artist that had been dormant his entire life. Once he created his first painting, he was hooked and he hasn't stopped creating since. The paintings and chalk pastels "just come to him," when he picks up his artist tools and his work is diverse and wide ranging.

We know you'll enjoy discovering this artist as you stroll our hallways and you'll be amazed with the breadth of his work. We are featuring twenty-one of his enchanting works through April 21. Please plan to join us on 2.4.24 for a reception from 3 to 5 p.m. where you can meet George and learn his inspiration and the stories behind his work. For more information about this artist and his works, please visit his website at

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