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Updated: Feb 7

by artist Susan Plum and composer Susan Alexjander premiers March 25 – May 27 at the Museum of East Texas.
The idea for this exhibition came from the artists love for the mystery that comes from the Cosmos and the Earth and will be presented as a sound and visual installation, a metaphor of the Milky Way going on a vision quest. According to Susan Plum, “Our Milky Way houses the Galactic Center, the Cosmic Womb, from which everything is born. As we witness the chaos created by humankind, we believe the Milky Way, our cosmic mother, has decided she has had enough and leaves her rightful place in the sky to go on a vision quest in order to help us re-discover our True North.” The soundtrack will consist of ambient, layered, woven sounds of Earth and Cosmos. “Voices’ of Earth” might include nature’s sounds of crickets, flocking birds, ocean waves, wind, stones being struck and so forth. Cosmic sounds will be represented by recorded NASA samples of Jupiter, space sounds of radiation, black holes, or pulsar rotations. This is an exhibition you will not want to miss.
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