Land of the Little Angel
A History of Angelina County, Texas
Edited by Bob Bowman
Hardcover     353 pages     1976


Lufkin Street Stories
Book I
by Ruth Grant
Hardcover     125 pages     2003
1st Edition     SIGNED


Lufkin Street Stories
Book II
by Ruth Grant
Hardcover     126 pages     2003
1st Edition     SIGNED


Lufkin Street Stories
Book III
by Ruth Grant
Hardcover     117 pages     2003
1st Edition     SIGNED


Celebrating 100 Years of the Texas Folklore Society 1909-2009
Edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt
Hardcover     420 pages     2009


Between the Cracks of History
Essays on Teaching and Illustrating Folklore
Edited by Francis E. Abernethy
Hardcover     284 pages     1997


The Gift of Las Sabinas
The History of the Sabine River Authority of Texas, 1949-1999
Hardcover     279 pages     1999


First of a Kind
The Building of the South’s First Newsprint Mill
by Bob Bowman
Hardcover     294 pages     2001


Transparent Tales: An Attic Full of Texas Ghosts
by Allan Turner and Richard Stewart
Hardcover     156 pages     1998



The Lufkin Trouts
A History of a Family
by Elaine Jackson
Hardcover     165 pages     2006


A Hanging in Nacogdoches
Murder, Race, Politics, and Polemics in Texas’s Oldest Town, 1870-1916
by Gary B. Borders
Softcover     209 pages     2006


Tales from the Big Thicket
Edited by Francis E. Abernethy
Softcover     244 pages     2002


Both Sides of the Border
A Scattering of Texas Folklore
Edited by Francis E. Abernethy and
Kenneth L. Untiedt
Hardcover     304 pages     2004


The Family Saga
A Collection of Texas Family Legends
Edited by Francis Edward Abernethy,
Jerry Bryan Lincecum, and Frances B. Vick
Hardcover     366 pages     2003


Hecho en Tejas
Texas-Mexican Folk Arts and Crafts
Edited by Joe S. Graham
Softcover     357 pages     1997


Country Lawyer: An Autobiography
by Fred Whitaker
Hardcover     227 pages     1993


Confessions of a Maddog
A Romp through the High-flying Texas Music and Literary Era of the Fifties to the Seventies
by Jay Dunston Miner
Hardcover     227 pages     2001
1st Edition     SIGNED